Monday, March 16, 2009

Top Ten Slogans WI Should've Chosen

While I can't take credit for the following hilarity, a poster on Green Bay's Press Gazette website commented on their story covering WI's new slogan. Packerfantimmy posted the following list:

Top Ten Slogans the Wisconsin Tourism Office Should have Chosen:

10. Wisconsin: because 'sober enough' here is 'too drunk' everywhere else

9. Wisconsin: we won't make you eat lutefisk

8. Wisconsin: our size 4 is your size 12

7. Wisconsin: only two out of three serial killers live here

6. Wisconsin: less snooty than Michigan, more drunk than Minnesota

5. Wisconsin: come for the cheese and brats, stay for the world class UW heart clinic

4. Wisconsin: even our band geeks are cool

3. Wisconsin: where you never have to wonder "hey, is it legal to shoot that?"

2. Wisconsin: proudly maintaining our 3-1 bar/church ratio since 1848

And, the number one slogan the state tourism office should have chosen is:

1. Wisconsin: Smell our Dairy Air

I have another to add,

Wisconsin: Nothing tips like a cow.

Any other suggestions for slogans that Wisconsin should've chosen instead of "Live Like You Mean It?"

(Sidenote: Wisconsin's brand is "Originality Rules." The irony? WI's new slogan is or has been used by real estate agents in California, authors, motivational speakers, and Bacardi rum. That neither rules nor is original)

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The River Otter said...

Yeah, how embarrassing. It's so vague and non-Wisconsiny! "Drink like you mean it" would have been better.