Monday, March 2, 2009

Postcards from the Past #2

I am an excellent pen pal. And so is my best friend, LB. LB, in fact, is such a good pen pal that she sends me postcards that have no rhyme or reason, and would not make sense to anyone unless they were really, very drunk.

Speaking of drinking alcohol, people in Slovakia tend to drink a lot of it. I hate to generalize, but in my experience, Slovaks are likely to offer you several shots of slivovice if you are over to visit for the evening. Slivovice is similar to a schnapps, but, in my estimation, packs a bigger punch. So you can imagine what several shots of it will do over the course of a few hours. All of that alcohol may just make the following postcard make sense.

LB used to live in a tiny town in the Slovak mountains called Tisovec, where she bought this card. She called the store "The Random Postcard Shoppe," and every time she went in to buy something, she'd laugh at the nonsensical postcards and the lady would look at her disapprovingly.

I can't say I know why LB got the disapproving looks, because look at the card. It's silly and nonsensical! We have a dog holding a pistol, dressed in a cowboy bandanna, and wearing my grandma's straw hat. This straw hat has bullet holes in it, which says to me that Cowboy Dog either shot himself or was in a Wild West shootout. Oh, and don't forget the "Wanted" poster next to doggie that has Osama Bin Laden's reward set at $100.

Oh, and don't forget the phrase on the card. It says, "I admire your courage" in Slovak. That's hilarious in anyone's book, and if I were an old lady minding a postcard shoppe in Tisovec, Slovakia, then I would not scowl at Americans who found my cards amusing and nonsensical. The end.

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