Monday, September 27, 2010

Best Weekend Ever

This weekend happened to be the best weekend ever. Pretty strong words, coming from a gal who lives in the land of summertime festivals, free music, and outdoor livin'.

But it's true.

Here's what happened.

Saturday: #mff2
Saturday was a day spent with the Milwaukee Film Festival at the North Shore Cinema. This is the first year the Mequon theater took part. I started the day with a volunteer shift - helping the little kiddos get to their shorts programs. I also then got to view some of the shorts. As will happen during the first time for anything, technical difficulties were kind of a problem at North Shore. Not to worry, festival-goers. This volunteer doesn't mind "working" an extra hour when it means she can sit in on Azur & Asmar to ensure no other technical difficulties arise.

I heard this film was beautiful, but that didn't prepare me for what ended up being the most delicious treat for my retinas. My rods and cones still won't stop complaining about how real life - even Wisconsin in all it's fall glory - can't compare to the breathtaking artwork in this film. Crotchety ol' visual acuity sensors.

After this viewing, I turned in my volunteer time for a movie voucher, promptly purchased a ticket to Wasteland, and used my film festival coupon to Zaffiro's for some pizza before the show started. Seriously, Milwaukee Film, you're awesome for being so affordable.

Wasteland was, in a word, incredible. If I had two words I'd call it incredibly heartbreaking. Seriously. The lady next to me was bawling throughout most of the film. Vik Muniz is amazing, and even more amazing are the folks he worked with to create this documentary.

All accolades are very well deserved. If you have the chance, go see the second or third screening of this film:

Thursday, September 30
Oriental Theater
5:00 PM

Saturday, October 2
North Shore Cinema
12:15 PM

Sunday: Go Brewers!
I was lucky enough to get free tickets this weekend to the Brewer's last home game (Thanks Shotz!). I knew the seats would be good when my contact said to pick them up at Will Call 6, we get there, and it's the VIP window. Sure enough...

That's the view from my seat of the bratwurst losing the Sausage Relay.

The Brewers won 7-1, Trevor Hoffman got to take a bow, so did Prince - in what may have been his last home game as a Brewer - and Ryan Braun received a nice standing 0. Michael Hunt of the Journal Sentinel gives a nice perspective on it.

Following the Brewers game, if you don't watch it and so didn't know, was the season premiere of Dexter. Last season ended with one heckuva mindf***, and it was interesting to see where we think they might take it. If you don't watch the show, I'd say catch up online, but you can't do that with premium cable channels. I don't know why. They'd make a mint. But you can at least Netflix the last two seasons.

And thus ended the coolest weekend of Twenty Ten. Here's looking foward to the rest of this week, which is sure to be a grand time as well.

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