Thursday, September 23, 2010

#socialgood Day

For those of you not into the whole "social media thing," you may not know that today is Social Good Day. In an effort brought to you by @mashable and @joinred, we are asked to put on our thinking caps and use our collective brain power to "unleash fresh thinking about how social media can raise awareness and create solutions for social issues around the world."

The great news is that our dear Milwaukee community is far ahead of the times. If you're not in the Twitterverse, check out Sue Spaight's blog post that recaps how Milwaukee's Twitter community banded together to save Tim, Jess, and Clara Cigelske of The Cigelske's home was - for all intents and purposes - destroyed during the Brew City Flood. Folks on Twitter got word of it, and came together to put on a fantastic - and effective - fundraising event, helping them to pick up the pieces and rebuild.

This example was the result of a process that happened organically, but what if we harnessed the power of these "activaters" to do something just as awesome on a regular basis?

The Idea:
Wouldn't it be great if Milwaukee's Twitter community came together every month (or so) for the purposes of social good? There are so many people struggling in our area, that surely we can utilize our collective networks to make a difference on an ongoing basis.
Monthly meetups of interested and connected Tweeters could be the grounds for social good planning.

Individuals who are struggling could informally propose their issue (statement of the problem) and craft a possible solution (action steps for the Twitter community) using free software like Scribd, Issuu, Slideshare, Prezi, and others. This would help others vet each proposal and choose a recipient.

Milwaukee tweeps could then use an online polling system to choose a #socialgood recipient. With regular, small-scale, local #socialgood successes, we could make a huge difference for Milwaukee.

You can read more about Social Good Day here.

If you have ideas for Social Good Day, or if your organization is already doing something great, then tweet it using the hashtag #socialgood.

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