Friday, September 17, 2010

Tweeting the 1960's

Did you know that Mad Men is a fantastic show? No? Well, then, I have nothing else to say to you.

If, however, you love Mad Men as much as this PR (oh the horror!) gal, then you'll want to fire up your Twitter account and start following the fine folks of Sterling Cooper Draper Price.

The Crew
Don Draper Only slightly demeaning to women.
Peggy Olson A bit of an identity crisis in the happening.
Pete Campbell You can see him swirling the scotch in his lowball as you read through the tweets.
Roger Sterling Does he still come into work?
Ken Cosgrove Only 97% jerk.
Paul Kinsey Takes his sensitive side seriously.
Sal Romano Alas, not with SCDP, but still relevant.
Bertram Cooper I don't think he actually works either.

Joan Harris Ballsy yet classy.
Miss Blankenship Crotchety.
Secretary Practically non-existent, unless SCDP needs to get some work done.

The Ex and the New Mr.
Betty (Draper) Francis Poster Mom for the blog Really Bad Parenting Advice.
Henry Francis Character with an unclear purpose.

The Kids:
Sally Draper Definitely an identity crisis, but she's a pre-teen child of divorce, so it's expected.
Robert Draper Lots of questions.
Gene Draper Few answers.

The Workhorses:
Xerox Machine Could be more snarky.
Vending Machine Sets the precedent for office machine snark.

There are so many bit players that it's hard to list them all. Like Bethany Van Nuys and Anna Draper (now a Twitter user from beyond the grave, apparently). And there are multiple accounts for each character, so it's hard to know who's authoring them. Certainly none of the accounts have been verified (wink), but take a look, follow along, and enjoy the convo.

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