Monday, September 13, 2010

This Week in Wisconsin Sports

There’s nothing quite like sports in Wisconsin. Maybe it’s our Midwestern lifestyle that encourages pro athletes to be nice guys instead of d-bags. Or maybe it’s simply the 9 months of soul-crushing winter that leaves us little to do but gather together for warmth, I mean, camaraderie around our hometown teams.

Either way, it’s pretty cool to be a sports fan in Wisconsin. And here are the four most recent reasons why.

1. Mark Tauscher: Football Phenom. Blogger Extraordinaire.
FYI – Packer’s offensive tackle, Mark Tauscher, has entered the blogosphere. In a series hosted by Travel Wisconsin, our homegrown talent will be sharing his favorites of all that Wisconsin has to offer this, sometimes, unappreciative world. Read it here.

Also, something cool I learned whilst Googling Tauscher? He organizes Trifecta Foundation to “enhanc[e] the education and literacy of children in Wisconsin.” I kind of want to make some witty comment about Tauscher and Pizza Hut (read: Book It), but would rather not distract from the awesome mission of this org.

2. A Rod’s ‘stache
By now we all know that number 12 loves experimental facial hair, and we all love seeing what shapes and fu manchu’s will surface every Packer’s preseason. However, this author thinks it’s a travesty when all that grizzled wonderment is shaved for every season opener. After all, what could be more intimidating to an opponent than Grizzly Adams coming at you?

Except, maybe, Nick Barnett’s mouth guard giving the impression he has fangs – did anyone else see that shot in yesterday’s game?

Regardless, wherever you fall on the A-Rod Beard Fence (there’s an idea for that yellow monstor across from Lambeau Field), you can cast your vote here (look for the poll on the right side of the screen).

3. Joe Heller’s Cartoon: What Kind of Fan Are You?
We’ve all known THAT guy. But are you that guy? Take a look at Joe Heller’s slideshow of fandom.

Fun Fact: I once went to a Green Bay Blizzard game (I cannot recommend arena football more – it’s a blast! Go to a game. Do it), and sat behind a guy who clearly drank too much beer and instead of being obnoxiously drunk, he was being odorously drunk. You know what I mean.

Let me just put it this way for our younger readers. His tummy was feeling bad because of all that carbonation, and he should’ve gone to the little boy’s room.

For our adult readers: instead of going to the bathroom, the guy kept ripping the worst butt stenches known to man’s rotten intestines and I nearly lost my lunch.

So yeah.

View that slideshow up there and see if you fit into one of those fan categories.

4. Fear the Deer
And last, but certainly never least as evidenced today, Bango, the Buck’s mascot, was named NBA Mascot of the Year. Booyah all you Clutch fans (I Googled “ridiculous NBA mascot” and got this result. Bygones.). If you’ve ever been to a Buck’s game you know that Bango is one bad mickey fickey.

Congratulations, Bango, on your domination. May you survive Wisconsin’s upcoming hunting season and live to serve up more crazy stunts like these:

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