Wednesday, October 20, 2010


David Bowie said it best, "Time to face the strange."


But I suppose that doesn't really apply here. I'm just blindly trying to find an intro to talk about the updated look you see here at Quarter Century and, whaddya know, Ziggy Stardust came into my head.

Deal with it.

You may have noticed the updated look. I've been trying to find something I like for, oh, about a year now but I just haven't been that dedicated. I came across this theme over at, and really enjoyed the design but hated some of the specifics.

Specifically, it's titled the Happy Shopping theme and has some strangely exuberant, overly trendy gal on the front page and a strangely small space at the top for a blog title (where my profile is now pictured).

Not to worry, folks. I'm a bit handy at design.

I took a crack at personalizing some of the theme's finer points and am quite in love with the results.