Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Vegetarian Chili

Last night, in honor of the last day of the beloved Westtown Farmer's Market, which, incidentally, was cancelled due to #MilwaukeeBlows2010, Staub Child and I enjoyed a Mommy 'N Me session making chili.

Chili makes a delightful meal for any frightfully cold day, and while Milwaukee isn't so frightfully cold, it is rather gusty, which, in this author's estimation, fulfills the necessary requirements for cooking up a pot and putting that new Staub Child to good use.

Yes, you just got a nice centerfold-esque pic of where the magic happens in my kitchen. Don't mind the prehistoric oven - it's my landlord's.

On the outside it just looks like Lil Stauby is taking a breather in his new home.

In actuality, that chili's been cooking for a good 45 minutes on low heat, getting more and more delicious the longer it's juices keep recycling - condensing on the inside of the lid, dripping down the picots, thus preserving all the delicious juices and flavors.

Savory doesn't even begin to cut it, kids.

I'm happy to report that Staub Child did Momma proud. Totally the best chili I've made to date.

Note: Head over to Cream City Cuisine for the recipe of this delicious Farmer's Market Chili!

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