Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Put the "Giving" in Thanksgiving

Within the past week the Internet grapevine told me of a few worthy causes in need of Thanksgiving treats. The holiday is 4 weeks away, and now is the perfect time to start putting the "Giving" into Thanksgiving (then you'll have so much more to be thankful for, you see...rhyme unintentional).

I ask you to consider spending a few extra bucks when you do your weekly grocery shopping this week, and send a few provisions to those in need.

1. Hunger Task Force - Operation Marshmallow Man
I found this opportunity through a Twitter "pal" @BtotheD. Each year the Hunger Task Force in Milwaukee puts together 800 T-Day bins for families in need. Each bin holds all the fixings for a proper Thanksgiving meal, and they are in desperate need for bags of mini-marshmallows.

800 bags of mini-marshmallows to be exact.

(for the sweet can't have sweet potatoes without marshmallows, ask Oprah)

Last night at the grocery store I added a measly $8 to my bill for 4, 16oz bags. It may seem like a pittance, but those four bags now bring the total need down to 796. If only 200 people donate 4 bags each, we've got this challenge, well, in the bag.

Learn more about how to donate, where to drop off donations, and BtotheD here.

Yes, those delightful miniature puffs of sugar are needed, not for your marshmallow gun, nor for equally miniature s'mores, but for families in need so that they, too, can have a nice Thanksgiving dinner.

2. Agape - Operation Merci
I had a little trouble coming up with a catchy title for this mission, so lemme explain.

I know a guy.

He's a missionary in France.

He and his team are bringing a "taste" of the U.S. Thanksgiving tradition to the students they work with in Toulouse, France. Not only is this a Turkey Day celebration, but really it's more of a fellowship opportunity for everyone to spend some quality time together, cook together, be a family for a day, and learn a bit more about the United States.

Sounds cool, right?

The problem is that France doesn't celebrate Thanksgiving.

"You're kidding!" you say.

Go ahead.

No! I'm not kidding! And the next problem is then, of course, Aaron and his team cannot find all of the necessary T-Day accoutrement required for a successful celebration (like how I threw in that French word?).

If you like sending large packages across the oceans (and subsequently looking like a spy to postal workers), you can send any of the following items that they desperately need...for 75 people:

Thanksgiving-themed napkins and paper plates
Thanksgiving and/or Fall-themed decorations
Cranberry sauce
Cream of mushroom soup
French fried onions
- Methinks they're making green bean casserole. Please don't let the French go without a delicious green bean casserole! I assume they have French cut green beans available there. Get it?
Stuffing Mix
Cans of pumpkin

I'm putting a package together, and if you want to donate any of these items let me know and I can mail them out together. This could get quite expensive for me, so if you're super generous (you know you are!), you can mail them yourself and have the fun of sending a super secret international package. Leave a comment and I'll get you Aaron's mailing address.

Thanks for listening and have fun putting the "Giving" in Thanksgiving!


Alicia said...

I'm already planning on dropping some mini marshmallows off to @bananza.

Need me to send any canned pumpkin, cranberry sauce, etc? Just let me know!

Alicia (@mkenerd)

Ms. Quarter said...

Thanks Alicia, that would be great! They're still in need of both pumpkin and cranberry sauce so take your pick. I'm sending the package on Friday. Let me know if you want me to add it to mine or if you'd like Aaron's address in France!