Monday, October 11, 2010

@Muse in Milwaukee, A Short Review

This update is a few days overdue, but it's taken me that long to come down from the ocular and auditory high I received at Muse's Bradley Center show.

First, the opening act, Passion Pit, about which I only have the following to say (in the form of a conversation had during their set):

J: Wait, is their band name Passion Pit or Passion Fruit?
MsQ: Wait, I thought we were listening to MGMT...

Let's just hope Passion Pit doesn't pull a Stephenie Meyer and claim they've never heard of MGMT and, therefore, wouldn't count them as an influence.

Now, to Muse.

The show was, in a word, Epic. Yes, with a capital E.

Though the UK alternative rock band boasts 3 multi-talented members (seriously, no one should be allowed to be as talented as Matthew Bellamy), it is this author's opinion that the video for this arena tour should count as the fourth (not to mention the man-in-black/on-stage-roadie spotted adding to the mix).

Seriously, though, whatever they paid the concert stage designer and video director was not enough. Exhibit A:

I especially appreciated the effects for the show's opener of Uprising.

Ti molodyets, Comrade!

Not to mention the social commentary during United States of Eurasia. It was especially moving in light of the recent rash of news reports linking bullying - especially toward the LGBT community - to student suicides.

All in all, Muse put on a fantastic show, further proving my theory that the number of semi trucks (at least 2 dozen for this show) required to haul the set from venue to venue is in direct proportion to the awesomeness of said show.

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