Tuesday, October 25, 2005


Budapest, once again, was fabulous. I'd have to say my favorite part was when we went in search of a bar, ended up at our hostel's club, and found that it was an underground enclave of the Hungarian Goth scene. Crazy.

I also really enjoyed the chaos surrounding the bed situation. Here's the math: 8 people in Rex Rinne's group + 12 beds in the room + 4 unknown males in the room with us = 8 of us together (men and women nicely separated) and 4 strangers together. Sounds good, right? Unfortunately that's not the way it worked out. A mysterious Frenchman was assigned a bed with us girls. Not to be deterred, we left him a note and "taped" it to the door of his wardrobe. "We'll get back and he'll be sleeping in a bed with the other strange men in the room," we naively thought to ourselves. This was not to be. This mysterious French man was disabled and had to sleep on a lower bunk. So I got to sleep above an old French guy who snored, listened to techno all night, and yelled at us for whispering in the morning. Jerkstore.

Ah well, in the end what can you really do?

And need I mention that Sunday was the anniversary of the 1956 Hungarian Revolution? It was and there was much going on in Budapest. All day I couldn't get the songs from Les Mis out of my head. "Do you hear the people sing?"

Also, I have a question: why did I pay extra money for an IC (express) train back to Sopron when it was 1 hour late? Yeah, 4 unscheduled stops and 70 minutes past our scheduled time we finally arriveed back in Sopron. Apparently there were engine problems. While I'm glad they stopped to fix said problems, it would've been nice if they could've fixed them the first time and forgone the other 3 stops.

*sigh* Central Europe.

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