Friday, October 28, 2005

Big Break

So this week I've been doing Halloween lessons with my students. Next week is our Fall Break, so I figured I'd do something a little easy and light. For one of my 10year classes I was having them take the letters in the words "Halloween Costume" and make new words. I did this with most of my 9year and 10year classes for vocab practice and made it into a competition over which class could make the most new words. The highest count I had had was 112, but this class just blew them away with a whopping 200! It took them about 30 minutes and I helped a bit (as I helped all of the other classes if the Unfair Police are reading this right now). It was so cool. I really wish I had had my camera with me at the school so I could take a picture of the blackboard when we were through. The final bell had already rang and they still wanted to get more. I can't tell you how defeaning the cheering was when we hit 200. It was awesome.

It's totally my favorite class too. Every day with them is like that, where we learn but we have so much fun at the same time. It's great and if I didn't like anything else about this experience (which is so not true) I would love this class and this class would make it all worthwhile. God is good.

In other news: Doth I heareth thy swipe of a credit card-eth?
That's right. Shopping in Vienna baby. Last night the new Outlet Mall had a late night shopping event and I went and spent money. It was great. Clothes and shoes are cheaper in Austria than in Hungary, did you know that? I desperately needed some new shoes. My chuck's are on their last breath. I also got some warm weather clothes for when I go to church. I hear you laughing right now, but I'm serious. Even when it's 50 degrees outside it's freezing in the church. And the heat runs through pipes under the floor so your calves get nice and scorched but the rest of you stays unbearably frosty. It's quite the experience. Maybe it's a test of your devoutness, eh? Ha.

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