Wednesday, October 19, 2005

That's Impressive!

Seriously, the coolest thing just happened to me this evening.

So I'm shopping at Spar, my local grocer of choice. In Hungary (and much of Central Europe) you must deposit a coin in your shopping cart in order to get it unchained from the rack. Once you're finished you stick the chain in the handle of your cart (from whence it came) and out pops your coin.

Well, after I made my purchases and was abruptly shoved out the door before I could bag them myself (yeah, they're not too keen on the customer service side of things here) I took my cart back to it's home. As I was fitting the chain back into the handle my 50 Ft (that's Ft for Forint, not Feet as my stepfather, John, would have you believe) coin literally came flying out. I mean, you should've seen the air it got! I made that thing fly across the cool is that?! Yeah, sometimes I even impress myself...

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