Saturday, October 8, 2005

Photo Update N More

This photo was taken in Sopron on Deak Ter. I thought it was funny and immediately thought of the subtitle "They're No Longer on Speaking Terms"

If you can guess what this picture is I will give you a dollar. This was taken during our French tour of Parliament and I got it right on the first guess...even though I was just trying to be funny in saying what it was. As a hint, you will find 4 more of these on various windowsills and in the front each semicircle thingy is numbered. What could it be?

To give you perspective and a sense of scale, here is a view taken from The Chain Bridge in Budapest. The building on the top of the hill is Matthais Church and The Fisherman's Bastion is in front of it.

Ah, the random and not-so-elusive marathon. Why do random things like seeing a marathon the minute I walk out the door of my hotel always happen to me? I don't get it, but I find it humorous.

In Other News:
Some of my students took me out on the town last night. We went to a hip, trendy place called Pub Fiction. It was delightful to see where the kids and young folk hang out in Sopron. Every Saturday they have live music and/or a DJ so maybe I'll check it out with some more students sometime. The girls also invited me to a concert that will take place on Halloween. It's an up and coming Hungarian band that sings their songs in English (good for me!) and the girls know them. They're gonna give me a CD so I can start learning the songs and then I'll be in "sing-a-long city" tip top shape when the concert rolls around.

Ah, good times.

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