Thursday, October 20, 2005

Look at me, World Traveller!

So I totally just bought my own train ticket to Budapest using my vast Hungarian vernacular. GO ME!

Of course I also totally cheated. I started with "Beszel Angolul?" meaning "Do you speak English?" and of course the answer was a resounding "No."

I then moved on to "Egy oda-vissza jegy Budapestre" which means "One return ticket to Budapest"

From there I was completely without language skills and so I pulled out my prepared schedule in written form (Szombat 06:39, Vasarnap 16:25) and badda-bing, I have my train ticket!

Yeah Baby!


Chris Carter said...

SWEET!!!!!!!! Who cares if you cheated, you got it done! Ba-dow baby! so yeah...have fun in Budapest...

and thanks for laughing through my fear and pain...

Anna said...

WOW! Mandi!! I love reading about all your adventures! ha ha ha... I think random things happening to us is one of God's ways of encouraging us... If I ever have a day where I think, "What in the WORLD am I doing in THIS part of the WORLD and not in the part I understand?!" I then remember, "Wait, in the part I understand, things usually make sense... and really, what's the fun in that?"

God's continued blessings and encouragement and strength be yours!