Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Day 1: 12 Days of "Christmas Around the World"

I've been blessed to have traveled extensively throughout Europe while stationed as a missionary in Eastern Europe. To share a bit of that past, I bring to you The 12 Days of "Christmas Around the World." Each day I will chose a country I visited, tell a personal story, and share a Christmas tradition from that country. Please add your own family traditions in the comments section of these posts, or share your own international experiences if you've been blessed enough to travel.

Happy Holidays from Ms. Q!

Day 1: Bérzsenyi Daniel Evangélikus Gimnázium (BDEG)

In Hungary, each grade level of secondary school students is broken up into a number of "classes" (consortiums, if you will). Each consortium attends the same schedule of classes under the direction of a form teacher.

During their senior year, each consortium performs a variety of tasks throughout the year, one of which being leading the school in a candle lighting ceremony during one week of the Advent season.

The consortium usually plans a skit, a song or poetry performance, or a Bible reading (BDEG is a parochial school). They then light the candle, lead attendees through a prayer, and dismiss students to their next class...all taking place during the 15-minute morning (read: snack) break.

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