Saturday, December 25, 2010

Day 12: 12 Days of "Christmas Around the World"

You know the drill. Happy Holidays from Ms. Q!

Merry Christmas! Joyeaux Noel! Boldog Karacsonyt!

I don't think there's anything more odd than those nativity figurines with Santa kneeling before Baby Jesus. It's one "tradition" I think modern society can do without.

That's all.

Have a good one!


Rosie said...

Girl, I'm confused. Don't the 12 days of Christmas start on December 25 and end at Epiphany?? So, like, December 25 would be Day 1. Right???

In other news, yes, I also find it mighty strange that Santa is portrayed at the blessed birth of our Lord. Weird.

And in still other news, I just found this blog. Fun times. What's with the good cooking? YUM!

Ms. Quarter said...

Rosie!! Thanks for stopping by!

Yes, the 12 Days start at Christmas, but because I was doing "Christmas Traditions Around the World" I flipped it so folks could pretend to enjoy them before the big day.

As for the cooking...head over to where my friends and I blog about cooking and creating recipes. I find that I'm an executive chef trapped in the body of a PR professional.

Hope things are well with you and your family!