Monday, December 20, 2010

Day 7: 12 Days of "Christmas Around the World"

I've been blessed to have traveled extensively throughout Europe while stationed as a missionary in Eastern Europe. To share a bit of that past, I bring to you The 12 Days of "Christmas Around the World." Each day I will chose a country I visited, tell a personal story, and share a Christmas tradition from that country. Please add your own family traditions in the comments section of these posts, or share your own international experiences if you've been blessed enough to travel.

Happy Holidays from Ms. Q!

Karacsonyi Vasar

Consider this Christmas Markets Take 2, Hungarian style.

What makes Christmas markets different in Hungary than they are in Austria, you ask?

Go ahead. I'll wait.

Well, I'm glad you asked, because you'll be delighted to know there is no difference beyond geography.

This photo was snapped at Sopron's little version in Fő Tér.

Folk music is played live by local bands, attendees can enjoy some lángos or forralt bor, and local artisans sell their handmade wares.

It's delightful, and all the more so for being close enough for a midday stroll in between class periods at BDEG.


Laura said...

Did you also pick up a rum punch in between classes?

Ms. Quarter said...

Sadly, no. I was a good little Lutheran missionary and kept my drinking to after work hours.

Unlike some of those crazy folk in Tisovec, right?

Laura said...

I'm fairly certain we kept our drinking to after-work hours; the problem was with the company we kept.

PS-I don't get notified when you respond to my comments (and I usually forget that I made any comment at all), so that's why I'm replying to this several days late.

Ms. Quarter said...

I hear ya cluckin' big chicken. I get a handy notification of comments when I log into Blogger, otherwise I, too, am oblivious.