Friday, December 24, 2010

Day 11: 12 Days of "Christmas Around the World"

You know the drill. Happy Holidays from Ms. Q!

Day 11: A Flammable Christmas

Yes those are real candles on that Christmas tree.

We miss something in America by using strings of electric lights, or worse, a pre-lit tree (really, how lazy can you be?) at Christmastime.

Namely, we miss the possibility of our homes burning down.

Not to mention the amount of ice that would be the result of the fire department trying to put out aforementioned house fire.

Nothing but the spring thaw will take care of that is all I'm saying.

This photo was taken in the Old Country one long-ago Christmas, when the light bulb was just a twinkle in Edison's eye.

So that's not true.

Really, this photo was taken in Bratislava in 2005.

The straw ornaments are traditional to many European countries, and the candles are a throwback.

TIP: Never leave the tree unattended.
TIP: Keep a pail of water handy in the same room in case anything catches fire.


Laura said...

And, you know, put some straw ornaments on the tree so that baby really goes up.

Ms. Quarter said...

A fast burning tree saves time.

Laura said...

And you're not left with a lot of ornament-rubble to clean up.