Wednesday, March 8, 2006

Appreciation Nation

Today is National Women's Appreciation Day. This makes me wonder a) Do men get a day to be appreciated? b) when is the day they get to be appreciated? and c) if men do not get to be appreciated, what does that say about this society?

Either way, I did recieve some chocolate (from a male teacher), a sunflower (from some male students), and a horrible serenade from all of the male teachers not hiding in the WC during break (it's the thought that counts, I guess). It was completely unexpected and not just because I work in a place where the communication lines are usually down for maintenance. No, it was unexpected because I am not a native and yet, they were appreciating me because I am a woman. So really, it wasn't just a national holiday at all. Delight.

In other news: Lizzie B (as in Borden, not Bennet) came for a visit this weekend. We went to Vienna and had a great time walking around in the snowstorm past all of the closed shops. But really, it was fun to just have some Starbucks and Burger King. We also went to a fun Aussie pub and had some delicious Aussie beer whilst watching the Maple Leafs play. Joy.

Later that night we went out in Sopron to Pub Fiction. They had tequila which is a very hard find in Hungary. Excitement.

Monday we wanted to try the "mexican" restaurant only to find a) the menu only in Hungarian, c) tacos being the only "latino" food listed, and c) the waitress completely unable to come near our table to take our order. She must've been allergic. Exasperating.

So instead we went to the steakhouse. And before you judge, let me just say that I KNOW I always take visitors there, but it's just so delicious that I can't help it. I'd have to say the tenderloin is the best, but the sirloin was still fantastic. Every time. So. Good.

Oh, and I totally got Liz hooked on Grey's Anatomy (go me!), but it's not like it's very hard to get addicted to that show. I need a hit every other day or so. Against my better judgement I gave her a 5-day possession of Season 1 and some of Season 2. We'll be watching the rest this weekend when I go to visit. Withdrawl.


Samuel said...

So, can you buy alcohol by the metric Hectaliter or do you get a little card when you are in Europe that says, "I thirst, give me (then enter a list of alcoholic beverages) and any where you go they scan that card and you get free whatever you want for the night. Perhaps I am just jealous of a selection of alcoholic deliciousness that surpasses the skunky yumminess of Taiwan Beer, the only native brew to this country. Blast you and your Tequila sipping self, even though I am sure it was more like shooting.

Peace Mandi,

Mandi said...

Oh, it was totally shooting. There was also some Bombay Sapphire going on. Tonight we're having a Lebowski Night complete with real Kahlua (also a hard find) White Russians.

You know, people who read this must think all I do is drink, but it's so not true. Well, it's only sort of true. "When in Rome..."

Samuel said...

And also behind my jealousy of your alcohol dreams, I also cannot raise you on Skype. I am not sure if my skype sucks or what but I will keep trying. Peace

Scott said...


Just wanted to say hi. I was surfing around the lcms website and found this blog. I taught in Aszod from 1999-2001 and spent many a night in Sopron at the Forum Pizzaria.

beszelek angolul es magyarul.

Sok szerencse

Mandi said...

Awesome Scott!

Egy kicsit beszelek.