Friday, March 31, 2006


Apparently Nat King Cole didn't have a clue as to what he was talking about. Imagine my surprise (and slight dismay) as I was thumbing through LCMS's "Missionary to Missionary" publication for May (I just recieved it in the mail and it makes for good reading material in between classes) and I notice that a birthday is missing from the "Missionary Birthdays" list. My birthday to be exact. Boy, they sure do know how to make a girl feel special and remembered.

I got hosed. LCMS hosed me.

Does this kind of stuff happen with such regularity to other people, or am I the exception that proves the rule? It's kind of the same MO...forgettable Mandi feels snubbed so she makes a little ruckus about it, thus appearing a shrewish grudge-holder. But I'm not really shrewish...just fed up.

In other news: I've been reading the blogs of other missionaries and they keep mentioning Ultimate Frisbee. This makes me slightly envious. The solution? Teach the sport in English class! Yay! The next two weeks will be an intense study session on rules and strategy with the culmination being a fierce game at Déak Tér the week before Spring Break. Should be a good time.

Late Breaking News: I played Scrabble with my small class, and it turned out to be extra small as the girls were gone (so it was just me and Máté). So we played head to head. Not only did we finish the game using all of the Scrabble pieces, but get this.....we ended up with the same score! How crazy is that?!?! Okay, I admit I didn't play as cutthroat as I usually do when playing with native speakers, and Máté used a dictionary, but c'mon. The exact same score. Not to mention that that score was listed in the Expert Level by Scrabble's standards...that's pretty awesome for Máté. I gotta give that kid an A (or 5 as the case may be might even warrant double 5's).


Samuel said...

Hove you checked out, we could have a game or two of scrabble on that place if you wanted. Let me know when that birthday thing is all fixed, adn when the crap is this Skype thing going to clear up.

Mandi said...

Seriously...what is up with Skype?? It says you don't exist.

And Scrabble online would be awesome, but how bad is the time difference?

Samuel said...

Good question about the time difference, and I found you on Skype just the other day, where you at, I sent you a chat message.

Mandi said...

Got the chat message. 6 days after the fact. But hey, now I've got you added so that's a plus.