Monday, March 6, 2006

Stop the Puck!

WCHA Conference Champs. 18-1-1 record for the last 20 games. Seeded #1 in not only the WCHA playoffs, but quite possibly the NCAA playoffs as well. Can I just say that I dearly wish I was home so I could watch some majorly awesome U of M hockey??? (that's University of Minnesota, not Michigan) Lord, do I miss it.

I read through the game recaps every week, but it's still not the same. Reading about the sweep over Duluth that also happened to be a shut out...during period 1 of Friday's game there was only 1 shot on goal (how cool is that?) is just not the same as being there and watching the action.


Apparently the WNBA is in Sopron this week. They're playing some games against the world-reknown Sopron team. The guy at the bar last night told me about it. Whatev. Now I understand what all those posters in the school were advertising. If only I had someone to go to the game with...yeah, that'd be nice.

Sometimes I wonder why I'm here. I'm so obviously NOT the person that should be at a site by herself with absolutely no other native speakers. I'm just the wrong personality to be breaking through all of the preconceived notions that Jenny and Lisa left behind. But that's a topic for another post...


Samuel said...

Hey, you get tickets for that game and we can Skype chat over all the stats and drink some beer. Although you are in the right area of the world for beer and I am not. (Shrug)
For as much as being in a group is nice, there is also a great deal of suck that goes along with it, being alone is not all bad, even if at times it begins to wear on you.
p.s. do you have Skype?

Mandi said...

I do not have skype, but I've been telling everyone that I am getting it. So I will. I'll keep you posted.

English Club tonight. I'll have a beer for ya (the local brew, Soproni, is fortunately quite excellent)