Sunday, March 26, 2006

Best Week Ever

In the style of the VH1 Show...

This Week:

I recieved a package from my Aunt (yay for English reading material!)
I wished my sister a Happy Birthday
I was invited to 2 birthday parties
I went to Vienna in search of various purchases
I bought a video camcorder (not in Vienna, as it turns out)
I got hosed by the Austrian train system
I missed the philharmonic concert featuring violin solos
I missed the "spring forward" hour change
I celebrated the arrival of spring weather in Sopron

Okay, so maybe my version is not as exciting as several comedians making fun of celebrities, but it's all I got. After all, Donal Logue is expensive these days...


Rachel said...

What happened with the Austrian train system?

Somehow we forgot to "fall back" last October too! Even if I had forgotten to set my clocks the church bells wouldn't let me forget that it's 9:00, 9:30, and 9:50. Or any time, really.

Mandi said...

The clocks on their little punch machines were not working when I left for Sopron. So I punched my ticket at 16:47 but it said I punched at 16:00. So when the ticket guy came around at 17:11 it showed my ticket as expired (as the punch only lasts 1 hour) and he made me pay another fare.


The day was going so well before that...