Friday, March 24, 2006

March Madness

No, not THAT March Madness (although...LSU totally beat crazy??).

NCAA Hockey March Madness. Tonight. 5:30. Grand Forks, ND. Be there or be square (I am unfortunately square).

If they make it to the Frozen Four they will play at (drum roll please) Milwaukee, WI (pronounced's Algonquin for "the good land," thank you Alice Cooper).

And did you know the Midwest regional is in Green Bay this year? Which means the Badgers will be playing there this Friday? So not fair...if I were home I would totally be there.

You know what would be perfect? The Badgers and Gophers meeting in Milwaukee for a showdown. That, my friends, would be tőrkjó (and that does not mean "pumpkin good" as some people would have you believe).

Oh, and did I mention Ryan Poltuny is the leading contender for the Hobey Baker this year?

I'm excited. And yet sad...seeing as how I have no way of watching the action.

But I'm totally going to Vienna tomorrow to go shopping (wow, that sounds's totally not, I promise). But yeah, gonna buy myself a digital video camcorder...totally gonna make a movie with my students and it's totally gonna be awesome. I'm totally using the word "totally" as much as I totally possibly can in this paragraph. Is it totally annoying you?


Ryan P.T. said...

We're not worthy, we're not worthy!

You're worthy, you're worthy...get up.
(I have not heard the word "Milwaukee" mentioned in the last ten years w/o rattling off that WW line. Props.)

In related news, the Spartans--my alma mater, MSU--pretty much laid an egg to keep themselves from dropping badgers and gophers like Elmer Fudd. I'm only slightly bitter.

Mandi said...

I think I jinxed 'em. Not only did Minnesota lose both their Final Five games, but they (the #1 seed) lost to Holy Cross (the #4 seed) in a shocking OT loss. And, surprise, Ryan Potulny was not chosen for the Hobey Baker Hat Trick.

Sadness..topped with Bitter frosting...