Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Episode 1: Postcards from the Past

Last night I rediscovered what a pack rat I am as I came across years of postcards my friends have sent me. I'm generally an excellent pen pal, and my friends reciprocate. We keep our eyes peeled for funny cards and send them back and forth occasionally. All of this post office patronage has resulted in a rather large collection of cards, which I've decided to share with you, lovely readers. In a new, weekly series, I will post a selected Postcard from My Past for you to enjoy.

First up:

I admit, it was hard to pick the first one as I didn't want to go too awesome and set the bar unbearably high for future postcards, but I also didn't want to choose the most boring card and lose reader interest in this new endeavor. Thus, I chose Threatening Granny.

This little gem was sent to me by a friend when I was living overseas. For Christmas she came to visit, and we met in Ireland. Instead of a delightful vacation in an English-speaking country that I so desperately needed, we spent the week incredibly ill and bouncing from hostel to hostel. After I returned to Eastern Europe, and she returned to the United States, she sent me this postcard to cheer me up and make sure I was still alive.

My absolute favorite part is that, somewhere in the midst of sending this card, some water damage happened right by Grandma's mouth, so that it now looks like she is smoking a joint. Classy. I wonder what kind of pie that is.