Friday, February 6, 2009

Oh yeah, that happened!

WISN just told me that this time last year was the Great 28-Hour Blizzard of '08. Today, however, is the beginning of a delightful heat wave (by Wisconsin standards) and the start of my half-marathon training.

Let's commence with the reminiscing of this day last year...

I fondly remember calling my boss and refusing to go into work. I didn't take a personal day on the grounds that the organization should value my life more than it did. At the time, I worked at a nonprofit that ran a school and a senior center. The school and senior center were closed, yet the rest of us had to come in. I refused on the basis that I didn't want to die only to arrive at work and be told to go home early. Though now, as I write, I realize that if I would've died on the way to work I wouldn't, in fact, arrive at work. Bygones.

I do not fondly remember the need to shovel 4 times over the course of that 28 hours. I must note that this snowmageddon came exactly 2 weeks after I moved to a new apartment that required me to shovel. Mother Nature is a b*&@# sometimes.

The local NBC affiliate preempted all of their programming for the day to bring round the clock breaking coverage of this storm. This coverage consisted of bundled up reporters in white-out conditions standing along the street, trying to get the few brave drivers to stop and talk to them. Amusing. And better than Days of Our Lives.

Thus ends the remembrance of snowstorms past. In all honesty, I do not remember much from that day, having blocked it from my memory.

In somewhat related news: For once, I'm glad this isn't Wisconsin.


Maggie said...

So you know how I was talking about not being able to run? Well, you ladies are inspiring me. Did you get Nadine in on this one? If nothing else, will you be my running buddy? (Yes, I appreciate how dorky that sounds!)

Ms. Quarter said...

I'll totally be your running buddy! Because God knows if I don't have someone to be accountable to, then I won't be consistent in my training. I did 3 miles today. I forgot how the chill air freezes your lungs for the first 10 minutes.