Thursday, February 19, 2009

Milwaukee's Bucyrus on Modern Marvels

Tonight at 7:00pm (and right now, in fact) The History Channel features Milwaukee's own Bucyrus on Modern Marvels. You can learn more about Modern Marvels: The World's Biggest Machines here.

I used to lived in Cudahy and drove past Bucyrus on my way to work every morning, yet never knew what the company did. Turns out they make really, really big machines.

In addition, Tim Sullivan, President and CEO of Bucyrus is the board chair for United Way of Greater Milwaukee. In 2007, Sullivan co-chaired the United Way's Community Campaign. The company nearly doubled its United Way contribution in the past two years. So, in addition to making really big machines, Bucyrus makes really big charitable contributions.

As someone who used to work for a United Way agency in Milwaukee, I'd like to thank Mr. Sullivan for that delicious meal at the Midwest Airlines Center in September 2007, during the campaign kickoff luncheon.

Tune in to The History Channel tonight (7pm) to learn more about impressive, man-made machines.