Saturday, February 13, 2010

12 Days of Fermented Christmas: Day Five

The trouble with a blog countdown is when the blog author doesn't have Internet access at home. As a result, Saturday and Sunday become wastelands for blog posts.

Never fret, however, for the countdown to the Twin Cities Food & Wine Experience continues today with backdated posts for day five and six.

Day Five: Pabst Brewing
Pabst Brewing is the maker of Old Style, Schlitz, Stroh's, Old Milwaukee, Rainier, Schaefer, Lone Star, Pearl, Colt 45, and Olympia brands. That's right, Internets, every stereotypical blue-collar, workin' man brew is thanks to the folks at Pabst. Milwaukee's own.

For you Cream City folks, you can get a PBR at AJ Bombers for $2.00. If you enjoy a Monday night happy hour, you can get a can for 50 cents at Colonel Hart's with a $1 taco. Now THAT'S a great way to start your week, is it not?

My favorite memory of Pabst at the food and wine show is two years ago when a delightful gentleman in tails was manning the PBR booth (aka: keg) all by his lonesome. Being the Milwaukeeans we are, my friends and I made a habit of bellying up to his kegerator and exclaiming, "PBR me ASAP!" to help alleviate his loneliness.

Thanks to the wonders of YouTube, I came across this commercial for Pabst from the 1950's. I hope you enjoy. My favorite part is the golfer enjoying his brew in a pilsner glass. Because goodness knows, the only way ensure a long drive is while palming a glass full of beer.

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