Friday, February 5, 2010

Such Hate, Internets

As you may have noticed I've been busy here at Quarter Century. I've changed the colors and design a bit. I've started posting again and whatnot. Tonight I went through and labeled all of my previous posts for your perusing pleasure.

That's how I found this.

It's a ridiculous movie review I wrote on a ridiculous movie a long time ago.

It's also the reasoning behind me requiring registration for comments.

Not because I mind the criticism; I have to take it on a daily basis, in fact, No, it's because if someone is going to try to slay me in such a public manner, then I require that person to name him or herself.

I find that one detriment to the vast anonymity of the Internets is that people can get away with anything. Usually, as I've seen on many news sites, for example, what should be spirited, intelligent discussion devolves into name calling and hate speech.

So that explains my requirement for names behind the comments.

And I stand by my response to that poster. Yes, I believe it's the work of One person, or, at the very least, a couple of posters driven to this site for that very purpose by aforementioned One person.

Maybe someday I'll write a post explaining why this came to be, but for now you'll just have to trust me.

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