Thursday, February 11, 2010

12 Days of Fermented Christmas: Day Three

If you've been living under a rock for the past three days, you may not know about the wonderment of the Twin Cities Food & Wine Experience.

You've certainly come to the right place, because this blog is prepared to teach you all you need to know. We're doing a countdown here at Quarter Century, and each day one vendor at this year's show will be highlighted for your anticipatory pleasure.

Day Three: Door Peninsula Winery

Door Peninsula Winery is Wisconsin's own, and therefore, rather appropriate for this blog. They are well known for their fruit wines, but are becoming famous for their new grape offerings as well. Their wine is self-described as "food friendly and palate friendly with a soft, light tanin finish."

My favorites are the Door County (Red) Christmas, Cherry Nouveau Blush, and the Cranberry wine.

While I've never had the pleasure of taking a tour at the Door Peninsula Winery (though I've taken tours of plenty other wineries in Door County), a little known fact is that they are partners with Shipwrecked Brewery in Egg Harbor, WI - Door County's only microbrewer.

Last year I took a rather memorable tour of Door County wineries (note the plural), and Shipwrecked was our third stop. By that time most of the group except for the drivers were rather inebriated.

I can't say we were sorry.

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