Friday, February 12, 2010

12 Days of Fermented Christmas: Day Four

Welcome to Day Four of A Quarter Century's countdown to the Twin Cities Food & Wine Experience.

Today we are zagging back to food after yesterday's zig to Door Peninsula's adult beverages.


Day Four: Sawatdee
It's a well-known fact that I love me some Thai food. In Minneapolis, the muse for my craving is Sawatdee.

Sawatdee boasts 8 locations in the Twin Cities area. In 1983 they were the first Thai food restaurant in the five-state area. Their website says it best: it does not matter who you are or when you come in to eat; you are treated with love, respect, and peace.


Sawatdee is great for its food, but made awesome by its cooking classes, because who doesn't want to learn how to make a mean spring roll?

My favorite memory of Sawatdee is from freshman year in college. My friends and I (6 floor MBH, woot!) headed out for an evening of fun, starting with dinner at Sawatdee and ending with entertainment at Comedy Sportz Twin Cities.

As anyone who's been to Uptown knows, parking can be a real problem. In a moment of true cleverness, we parked in the lot at Sawatdee and walked to Comedy Sportz, leaving our vehicle to the whims of towing companies.

The moment truly was inspired, because, sure enough, when we returned hours later our car was still there and we received no citation.

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