Tuesday, February 9, 2010

12 Days of Fermented Christmas: Day One

Hopefully you remember yesterday's post about the Twin Cities Food & Wine Experience.

Christmas doesn't come once a year on Minneapolis. No, Minnesotans enjoy a second Christmas every February when this event rolls around.

As such, I present to you the first post in a blog countdown entitled "The 12 Days of Fermented Christmas." Each day I will highlight one of the hundreds of vendors exhibiting at the 2010 food and wine show in an effort to build your excitement past any peak you originally thought you met in anticipation of the event.

First up is Bell's Brewery.

Day One: Bell's Brewery
Bell's Beer is a delightful brand of brews crafted in the great state of Michigan.

As stated on their website, Bell's boasts being the oldest craft brewer east of Boulder, CO.

My favorite brands for casual drinking are the Amber Ale, Winter White Ale, and the Third Coast Beer, though I do enjoy a Java Stout for that extra special treat.

My favorite memory of Bell's is from last year's food and wine show.

Every year exhibitors must take a pouring break, I believe, for liquor license reasons. After the pouring break, the PA usually provides a countdown to when exhibitors can begin serving.

The veteran attendees eye up their opportunities and choose the booth most likely to give them the best bang for their proverbial buck after these 30 minutes are complete.

This is what we did last year.

I was very proud of myself for not being too drunk once the break hit.

Pacing oneself is important when you have 7 hours, after all.

We anxiously awaited the countdown in front of the Bell's Brewery booth, thinking that we could get several samples from any one of several servers behind the bar. True enough, once the countdown was finished and the pouring commenced, the gentleman nearest us asked what we would like to taste.

I said I couldn't make up my mind and asked that he give me what he thought I might like.

He proceeded to pour a glass of every beer Bell's had available.

My soberness didn't last long.

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