Saturday, February 20, 2010

12 Days of Fermented Christmas: Day Twelve

Yes, that's right folks. We've arrived at the final entry in A Quarter Century's blog countdown to the Twin Cities food and wine show.

I've pre-dated this sucker because, let's be honest, I'm going to be too busy tomorrow (today) to be writing any blog posts. Though you can be certain there will be a recap on Monday.

Whaddya say? Shall we finish this?

Day Twelve: Chino Latino
Chino Latino has been known for pushing the envelope - in food fusion, mixology, and advertising.

This is why we love them.

Their menu is a fusion of Latin and Asian food. It sounds like it wouldn't go together, but it's surprisingly delicious.

When I was living in Minneapolis, the restaurant caused quite a stir with their racist billboard advertising. This was the point - any publicity is good publicity, I guess - but the nice, conservative folks in Minnesota did not agree.

Slogans like "Our happy hour is cheaper than a Bangkok brothel" got all sorts of negative response from folks who've watched the documentary Born into Brothels. "There are poor, enslaved, child prostitutes in Bangkok brothels and it's insensitive to remind us nice, conservative Minnesotans of that fact," said most of the dissenters.

Yes, the plight of Third World enslaved children is awful, and we should all be not just writing concerned emails to the Executive Chef of Chino Latino, but actually doing something to change the world in which such injustices operate. But the point of the ads was to stir up controversy and have Chino Latino become a household name.

They were successful.

However, their ads of late have become much more user-friendly, drawing little criticism from folks who are labeled "not so much" on the Tongue-In-Cheek scale of humor.


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