Wednesday, February 10, 2010

RIP Phil Harris

It is with great sadness that I opened up my Yahoo! mail to read this notice.

Phil Harris, of Discovery Channel's Deadliest Catch has passed away.

You may remember my love affair with this popular, blue collar reality TV porn from previous posts. And you may remember last year that, in anticipation of the return of this great small screen gem, I asked the question, "Will Phil return to captain the Cornelia Marie?" knowing that he suffered a health problem the previous year.

Well, he did indeed return last year to the delight of all viewers, and he will be greatly missed now and in the future. It was just the other day that I checked Discovery Channel's site for information on the upcoming season, before I remembered that it usually starts in the Spring.

If you, like me, enjoy this show and wish to offer condolences, you can go to Discovery Channel's site and do so.

You can also view Captain Phil and Cornelia Marie highlights here.

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