Friday, February 5, 2010

Single in the City: Up in the Air

Today I went to see Up in the Air. By myself. Remember, Internets, I like to do such things.

The theater was filled with approximately 115 empty seats, 9 people over the age of retirement, and yours truly.

I breezed in at a tight 5 minutes early - the only slightly awkward part about seeing a movie by yourself is sitting in the theater 20 minutes before showtime and blocking the center section of the row because of the weird, American, every-other-seat rule.

You know what I'm talking about.

Every person/couple/group MUST sit with one seat separating them.

Makes it damn tricky for a couple arriving late at a sold out midnight show of Lord of the Rings to find seats together is all I'm saying.

Anyway, back to the matter at hand. Yes, the audience was filled with the elderly, and yes it made me wonder if my generation undervalues the sex appeal of George Clooney.

For shame, Ladies, for shame.

The movie itself was very well done with only a few weaknesses, not that I'm the expert. But I can see why it's nominated for Best Picture, why Clooney, Farmiga, and Kendrick are nominated for acting, and why the film is NOT nominated for editing. Learn more about that here, but even I noticed a few odd choices in cuts...again, I'm not the expert.

I have to say though, my very favorite part of the movie was Sam Elliott. Because who better to be the metaphor for the culmintation of all that Clooney's character hoped and dreamed than the very man who gave The Dude his Zen back?

"Sometimes the bar, well, he eats you."

Exactly, Stranger, exactly.

But will the granny in row four please stop sighing so loudly and take her geritol already?

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